The mission of The Conservation Campaign is to create, renew and protect public funding for land and water conservation through ballot measures and legislative action.

Founded in 2000 as the 501(c)(4) affiliate of The Trust for Public Land, The Conservation Campaign is the only nationwide organization focusing solely on political action for conservation funding. We provide strategic, organizational, legal, accounting, fundraising, and financial assistance for state and local ballot measure campaigns and legislative advocacy. On the federal level, we support the campaign to fully fund and renew the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Who We Work With

A nonpartisan organization, The Conservation Campaign works in partnership with elected officials of all parties as well as a wide range of community stakeholders, including land trusts, regional and national conservation groups, parks organizations, the business community, sporting groups, developers and realtors, and farmers and ranchers.  WHAT OUR PARTNERS SAY

Record of Success

Since 2000, The Conservation Campaign and The Trust for Public Land have together helped towns, cities, counties, special districts and states pass over 470 ballot initiatives generating $57 billion in new public funding to protect land and water, preserve farms and ranches, and create parks and trails. READ MORE

How We Can Help You

The Conservation Campaign and The Trust for Public Land’s Conservation Finance team can help your community generate funding for its conservation needs. SEE CAMPAIGN SERVICES

The Conservation Campaign is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization. Contributions to the Conservation Campaign are not tax-deductible, allowing us to use all of your contribution for lobbying and winning elections.